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10mm or 19mm Male
45° Angle
YES! This clear glass banger is robust enough to withstand day to day rapid heating and cooling. This male banger has a round bucket that goes beyond offering an aesthetic value. At a 45° angle, get content and smooth airflow while still regulating the heat. Which other way to achieve a rich and tastier dab?

The banger helps maintain a distance between the flame and the dab rig, ensuring its durability while keeping your face away from the heat. It comes in three different joint sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm.

Tastier and richer taste. Fit for rapid heating and cooling. Maintains constant airflow.

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  • 10mm Male
  • 14mm Male
  • 19mm Male

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Type : Banger
Color : Clear
Joint Size : 10mm, 14mm, 19mm
Joint Type : Male
Material : Glass