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No more complex designs on your grinder. Grab this pollinator coming in super cool and lux single color designs. Featuring strong and sharp diamond shaped teeth, this grinder will get you the perfect texture for your flower in just seconds. The metal frame is highly durable and comes with a scratch resistant finish. Enjoy the multipurpose design of this grinder that allows you to store the ground flower as you sieve the finest ief in a bottom compartment. At 60mm diameter, this grinder packs enough bud for a quality sesh with friends.

Super cool and lux single color designs | Strong and sharp diamond shaped teeth | Highly durable metal frame | Multipurpose design.


  • Gold
  • Green
  • Red
  • Silver

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Type : Polinator
Color : Chrome, Gold, Green, Red
Diameter : 60mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Metal