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8in / 20cm
5mm Thick
Complete with a bowl and a diffused downstem, this clear glass Dab Rig is what you need to power you through your outdoor days. Its compact and portable height of 8 inches compliments the wide base for added stability. And with a 5mm borosilicate glass build, the Dab Rig efficiently retains heat and lasts through frequent rapid heating and cooling. Get this simplistic designed Dab Rig in blue and green mouthpiece hues today.

Small and portable water pipe | multi prong ice pinch design for cooled rips | Top quality 5 mm borosilicate glass for maximum durability | Effective ash catcher and an easy to clean design | Simplistc build and aesthetic look | Comes with a bowl and a diffused downstem.


  • Teal
  • Blue
  • Milky Blue

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Color : Blue, Clear, Green
Height : 8in / 20cm
Thickness : 5mm
Joint Size : 19mm
Joint Type : Female
Material : Glass
Banger Type : Male 14mm