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8.5in / 22cm
Glow In The Dark
Glow In The Dark
This Dab Rig presents a blend of function and decoration. Featuring a straight tube build with a great pedestal base, the pipe is a contender for the best tabletop glassware every stoner should have. The straight tube design also means moderate capacity for optimal potency. The inline perc helps to filter your draws for the cleanest hits and with a 14mm bowl, you will enjoy them uninterrupted by regular refills.

Clear glass with cannabis leaves engraved | Straight tube design to match your lung capacity | Inline percolator to cool, filter and power your hits | Tough borosilicate glass frame | An easy to clean design | Stain resistant | Sizeable 14mm male bowl | Great pedestal base.

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Type : Glow In The Dark
Color : Clear
Design : Leaf
Height : 8.5in / 21cm
Thickness : 4mm
Joint Size : 19mm
Joint Type : Female
Material : Glass
Banger Type : Male 14mm