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Versatile, strong and amazingly effective design- that's what makes lovers of this Clear Percolator Bong tick. There is more to it than meets the eye. The bubbler boasts of a 17 arm tree style percolator for maximum filtration and cooling. You will never get enough of this big boy’s smooth and powerful bingers. At just 19cm and with a tough borosilicate glass build, this bong is impressively durable and portable. The frosty 14mm male bowl is stainless complementing the bong’s easy to clean make. Don't wait any longer!

17 arm tree style percolator design for smooth and powerful bingers | Made from durable borosilicate glass | Cooled, filtered, flavour filled and powerful hits | Easy to clean design free from resin build up.

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Color : Clear
Height : 7.5in / 19cm
Perc Type : 17 Arms Tree Perc
Joint Size : 19mm
Bowl Type : Male 14mm
Joint Type : Female
Material : Glass
Banger Type : Male 14mm