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Wearing a polished smooth finish that covers a super cool purple elephant in tribal patterns, this metal tray is what you need to get your sesh a serious upgrade. The tray is sizeable enough to hold enough for a sesh with friends. Its raised walls make it handy, just when you need to serve those homemade cookies. The non stick surface is the easiest to clean. How about a durable metal frame? And when you need to go on the road, this will be your perfect partner. It is compatible with mag slaps turning it into a nice storage space so you can throw in all your accessories and enough nugs for the time away.

Tribal elephant thyme prints in full colour. Durable metal frame. Compatible with mag slaps. Non stick surface.


  • SMALL - 7in x 5.5in / 18cm x 14cm
  • MEDIUM – 10.5in x 6in / 26cm x 15cm

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Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Purple
Design : Elephant
Size : Medium, Small
Material : Metal