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4mm Thick, 21mm Diameter
FLAT TOP THICK CUP MALE BANGER Attach this Flat Top Thick Cup Male Banger to your female joint and watch the good times kick in and wash away blissfully. This unique glassware is made to last. Well, it may take a little longer to heat up properly but you will never imagine its heat retention capabilities. This allows you uninterrupted draws. Plus the thick quartz glass effortlessly goes through rapid heating and cooling and pretty nasty drops. The flat top design works well with most carb caps and other accessories when you need that extra spice. 

Durable and made to last 100% Quartz Glass. Uninterrupted hits with the flat top Banger. Thick Quartz for maximum heat retention. Clear glass with easy an easy to clean design. Male joint for female inserts. Flat top design compatible with carb caps and many other accessories.


  • 10mm
  • 14mm
  • 19mm

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Type : Banger
Color : Clear
Joint Size : 10mm, 14mm, 19mm
Joint Type : Male
Material : Glass