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Here's to the Queen of the natural kingdom! A flavorful and colorful kit to suit a lady's liking. This kit offers a mix of down-to-earth and unique smoking accessories. A beautiful pink glass bong and green glass pipe for every occasion, a queen should have only the best of the best. We humbly believe this high-quality smoking accessory set will compliment your collection. Lady, treat yourself with this selection made for your pleasure! We can assure you that these pieces will become your favourite and your new standards. Shine bright Ganja Queen!


  • Bitter Hitter Bong (HD98)
  • Rainbow

    Grinder 58mm (PH-5928A)

  • Ocb Artist Large Tray 14in x 11in (OCB TRAY ARTIST LRG)
  • Green Glass Pipe 10cm (PP-257)
  • Purple Power 16oz
  • Kush Blend Marshmallow 
  • Kush Cones Kiwi Strawberry

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