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8.5in / 22cm
This bong is haunted and it is haunted by not one, not two but a whole load of ghosts. Hits from this pipe are truly magical thanks to an inline percolator perfectly positioned with multiple slits to adequately filter any burn tastes leaving clean, aromatic and powerful draws. The angled neck makes hitting this bad boy a breeze. The bong is portable at 21cm and with a tough borosilicate glass build.

Clear glass with ghostly engravings | Angled neck for effortless draws | Inline percolator to cool, filter and power your hits | Tough borosilicate glass frame | An easy to clean design | Stain resistant | Sizeable 14mm male banger.

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Color : Clear
Design : Ghost
Height : 8.5in / 21cm
Thickness : 4mm
Joint Size : 14mm
Joint Type : Female
Material : Glass
Banger Type : Male 14mm