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There is always something about Hemper and this time you don't wanna miss it in this Hemper Asher Silicone Ashtray. The ashtray features a modern design with raised walls that come with four grooves to serve you and your sesh partners. The silicone material is built to last and thanks to its heat resistance, it can hold smouldering joints or ash without puncturing. Did you know that silicone is virtually indestructible? Yes, it can absorb the forces of a fall from any height without breaking. Super cool, right?

Raised walls for zero spills | Four grooves for sesh partners | Built to last | Maximum heat resistance

$6.97 $9.90 (30% off)

  • Cannaflage - Black & Gold
  • Cannaflage - Black & White
  • New Money - Black & Gold
  • New Money - Green & White

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Brand : Hemper
Color : Black, Gold, Green, White
Design : Cannaflage, New Money
Material : Silicone