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7in / 18cm
First featured in the Kimmy Tan collaboration box, the HEMPER Hourglass rig features a dropped showerhead percolator. The unique shape of the hourglass compliments water percolation perfectly. Due to its concaved sides, water that is splashed up is deflected back down to continue to mix with hot smoke. It also acts to prevent any unwanted splashback into your mouth, even as such a compact and flavorful rig!

If you aren't familiar, showerhead percolators are circular percs that resemble a common bathroom showerhead. Showerhead percs, however, have slits or holes laid out in a circular form that push smoke down and around the outside of the chamber. This is the magic of showerhead filtration and diffusion – some of the most effective on the market!

Due to popular subscriber request, we've made it possible for you to grab your favorite Kimmy Tan smoking accessories individually, or as an entire set!

Check out the full Kimmy Tan Collection here.

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Brand : Hemper
Color : Blue, Clear
Design : Hourglass Style
Height : 6in / 15cm
Perc Type : Showerhead Perc
Joint Size : 14mm
Joint Type : Female
Bowl Type : Male 14mm
Material : Glass