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Debowling Ashtray & Tool Stand
Heat Resistant
Heat Resistant
This silicone debowling ashtray has convenience and quality wrapped all around it. The striking design is aesthetic and at the same time functional and effective. The debowler features a hexagonal poker that makes ashing your pipe effortless. It also works great when packing your bowl-pure bliss. The multiple slots on the side ensure everything is arranged and minimize spills. The silicone material used is heat resistant and highly durable. Grab this eye pleasing hexagonal debowling ashtray in a range of colour blends.

Striking hexagonal design with cool colour blends | Poker in the middle | Multiple slots to arrange your accessories effortlessly | Silicone material used is heat resistant and highly durable.


  • Yellow & Black
  • Red & Blue
  • Rasta
  • Blue & Yellow
  • Green & Grey

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Type : Debowling
Color : Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Rasta, Red, Yellow
Size : 5in x 1in / 13cm x 2.5cm
Material : Silicone