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20 sticks / 12 Packs per Box
It's pure, it's golden, it's the Ixorra Golden Lavender Incense. Infuse a sweet and floral blend of inner peace and tranquility with this golden lavender incense. The smooth burning bamboo sticks are what you need for an intense unwinding session as you rejuvenate your mental and physical energy.

With a smokeless burn, experience nothing but deep inhales of positive vibes and the amazing golden lavender fragrance. No nasal congestions, teary eyes or hard times cleaning after sooty surfaces.

Sweet and floral golden lavender incense promotes mental and physical rejuvenation. Smooth and smokeless burn. Slow burning bamboo sticks with everlasting fragrance.


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Type : Incense
Brand : Ixorra
Flavor : Lavender
Quantity : 20 Sticks/12 Packs