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20 sticks / 12 Packs per Box
Here it is- the love in the air. The Ixorra Golden Rose Incense makes everyday to be valentines. Pepe up your romance or show love to those you care about most with this slow burning bamboo sticks wrapped with a golden rose fragrance.

The Ixorra Golden Rose Incense burns with little to no smoke so you should never get worried about your pets or uncontrollable dry coughs and tear filled eyes. The sootless sweet scented incense penetrate deep into your body, mind and soul leaving you with nothing but burning compassion. And heart to heart feelings.

Slow burning bamboo sticks with a lasting golden fragrance. Smokeless and sootless sooting experience. Ignite the missing spark and add fire to your love- no better way to show it all!


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  • 3 Packs
  • 1 Box

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Type : Incense
Brand : Ixorra
Capacity : 20 Sticks
Flavor : Rose
Quantity : 12 Packs