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20 sticks / 12 Packs per Box
I got no Jokes! Why is Sandalwood very expensive? This aromatic Ixorra Golden Sandalwood Incense retains its fragrance longer than your regular incense. Get showered and pampered with the holistic soothing benefits of sandalwood like never before.

The 100% bamboo sticks are free from moisture, thanks to proper processing and an air tight packaging. Expect no soot and smoke from the wooden sticks.

Well processed 100% bamboo sticks with an airtight package for smokeless and sootless clean burn. Burns smoothly and slowly with a lasting sandalwood fragrance. Intense holistic soothing benefits.


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  • 3 Packs
  • 1 Box

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Type : Incense
Brand : Ixorra
Capacity : 20 Sticks
Flavor : Sandal Wood
Quantity : 12 Packs