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4.5in / 11cm
Admit! It does look aesthetic and VERY capable of offering an excellent high. This bright and vibrant rainbow-hued penis-shaped hand pipe is designed to compliment the taste of your herb while smoothening and cooling the smoke ultimately.

It comprises well cured wood to ensure longevity and consistency in delivering flavour rich hits again and again. The whole device, including the stem, is sturdy enough to withstand falls and still serve you for a long time.

Although its bright rainbow colors may offer zero privacy, they are ideal for supporters of sexual freedom. You can take the message anywhere (sounds like true freedom), thanks to its small size that can easily slide into a purse.

Perfectly cured wood. Compact size at 4.5 inches. Hell YEA! Let’s spread the freedom message!

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Color : Brown, Rasta
Design : Penis
Material : Polyresin
Length : 4.5in / 11cm