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13in / 33cm
So you've got a bong or a pipe or a vaporizer that is turning colour for a yucky look. Truth is you may not be enjoying your initial cool and favour filled binger when your pipe was new. But what if you could press “RESET” and restart all over again. That is what this nylon bristle and chrome plated brush is all about, resetting your vaporizer to its initial lory days. The brush is made to last and enjoys maximum scrubbing force thanks to a reinforced handle. If you don't want to miss any corner of your pipe, then this Randys 1-1/2 Cleaning Brush should be your best friend.

Strong nylon bristle | Chrome plated handle for maximum durability | Metal handle for an effortless scrub.

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Brand : Randys
Color : Black, Chrome
Material : Metal, Nylon
Diameter : 1.5in / 3.8cm
Length : 3in / 7cm