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Variable Voltage
Thick Oil / CBD Vaporizer
The Charm is Randy’s smallest and most portable vaporizer at only 2.5” tall. This powerful thick oil vaporizer has 3 different voltage settings to accommodate your vaping style; green 3.4v, red 3.7v, and red 4v. It’s open side design also allows for other 510 thread thick oil cartridges to be used. Comes with a detachable lanyard for easy carrying! The Charm is a nice-looking liquid vape that comes in a variety of attractive colors, and features an inset refillable cartomizer and variable wattage battery. Includes battery charger, user manual, and one atomizer cartridge. 

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  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red

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Type : Portable
Brand : Randy's
Color : Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red
Height : 2.5in / 6cm
Temperature : Adjustable