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1000 Cones per Box
Ouch! That's a rough looking joint. Will it even hold together when lit? Forget about such useful and wasteful rolls and get these 1000 pre roll cones. Made from natural unrefined and unbleached paper, these pre-rolled cones are vegan friendly and safe. Simply fill, pack and savour the taste of your conical roll. The cones come complete with tips for that filtered hit. And with a perfect roll comes a smooth burn. The classical 1 ¼ cone holds just enough (about .75g of flower) for an uninterrupted sesh.

1000 pre roll cones | Natural unrefined and unbleached paper | Simply fill, pack and savour the taste | Perfect roll comes a smooth burn | 1 ¼ cone holds up to .75g of flower

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Brand : Raw
Size : 1 ¼
Material : Hemp