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6.5in / 17cm
If you love that classic retro design and shape, you’ll love this awesome bong that features bright and vibrant colors and designs. With a variety of different color choices, there’s sure to be one to suit everyone. Made from premium silicone, this bong is lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and consistently delivers some delicious hits.

$19.97 $27.90 (28% off)

  • Graffiti Skull
  • Batman
  • Skull Flame
  • Lips
  • Black & White Skulls

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Color : Blue, Green, Multicolor, Orange, Yellow
Design : Cartoon, Mario Bros, Pokemon, Skate Girl, Skulls
Height : 6.5in / 17cm
Joint Size : 14mm
Joint Type : Female
Bowl Type : Male 14mm
Material : Silicone