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You love color so you must love this silicone bong that comes in full color assorted designs. Standing at a 5.5 inch (14cm) height this bubbler is made to go through day to day use without dropping quality of your hits. Enjoy its unbreakable build that is also stain and scratch resistant. The simplistic design makes cleaning easy peasy. With an angled neck, making deep and powerful bingers will be a walk in the park. Which is your favorite- cartoon, joker, or skull flower?

Choice of three colorful designs | Angled neck for effortless draws | Highly durable unbreakable build | Portable bubbler.


  • Casino
  • Cartoon
  • Skull Flower

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Color : Multicolor
Design : Cartoon, Joker, Skull Flower
Height : 5.5in / 14cm
Material : Silicone