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11in x 8in / 28cm x 20cm
Resins and concentrates- seriously potent yet their stickiness keeps you off every other day. Well, not anymore! The Slikks 420 Rasta High-temp Silicone Mat is here to help you wade in sticky concentrates without the trouble of cleaning surfaces after some quality dabs.

This rasta themed mat complements the moments and will stand out for its full resolution print. It's made from tough silicone material so you can dab at hot temperatures seamlessly. The large enough 28cm by 20cm non stick cover takes on all types of resin and concentrates without residue buildup. A single wipe does the magic.

Max resolution Rasta theme colors. Non stick lightweight silicone cover. Tough and heat resistant.

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Type : High Temperature Mat
Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Black, Rasta
Size : 11in x 8in / 28cm x 20cm
Design : 420, Leaf
Material : Silicone