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11in x 8in / 28cm x 20cm
The Slikks Dab Slab High-temp Silicone Mat looks like a fragile easy to melt dab slab but you will be surprised by the high temperature dabs it actually takes on. This mat is what every dabber wishes for- an easy to clean surface so you can relax after proper hits. The silicone material is made tough to last even with day to day dabbing with red hot torches.

This mat is large enough so you never worry about accidental spills on your favorite dabbing spot. Its fadeproof finish protects the high resolution dab slab print that adds yellow vibrancy to the dabbing moment.

Easy to clean non-stick silicone surface.Fadeproof, high resolution print for the looks. Tough and long lasting heat resistant material.

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Type : High Temperature Mat
Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Yellow
Size : 11in x 8in / 28cm x 20cm
Design : Shatter
Material : Silicone