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11in x 8in / 28cm x 20cm
Resin build up and staining your favorite dabbing spot may fade your moment, right? This Slikks Faded High-temp Silicone Mat ensures you enjoy your concentrates, resin or oils to the fullest. No more tedious scrapping and cleaning after dabs.

The non stick silk material keeps all resin build up at bay. The material is also tough and can resist high temperatures during day to day use. You will love the large 28cm by 20cm surface that is printed in full color.

Easily cleaned non stick lightweight silicone cover. Tough and heat resistant for durability. No spilling. Full color “FADED” print for the looks.

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Type : High Temperature Mat
Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Black, White
Size : 11in x 8in / 28cm x 20cm
Design : Faded Text
Material : Silicone