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11in x 8in / 28cm x 20cm
SELECT this non stick and heat resistant dabbing mat and START dabbing worry free! Made from tough silicone material, the SLIKKS GAME HEAD HIGH-TEMP SILICONE MAT effortlessly takes on hot dabs of all kinds, oil, concentrates and resin. With its smooth non slick surface, no more worrying about stained surfaces or yucky resin piles that are hard to scrub. The dabbing mat is printed in full colors of the Gameboy video game controller, perfect for lovers of the game. The addition of Rick and Morty to the large 28cm by 20 cm design makes it even more adventurous.

The design is a Gameboy video gamer’s delight. Smooth and non stick surface for easy cleaning. Durable heat resistant silicone material.

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Type : High Temperature Mat
Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Blue
Size : 11in x 8in / 28cm x 20cm
Design : Gameboy, Video Game
Material : Silicone