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11in x 8in / 28cm x 20cm
If you can't explain it simply… This Slikks T=Hc2 Classic Einstein High-temp Silicone Mat makes stoning seamless and spotless. With a smooth and non stick surface, roll your joint without worrying about resin build up. You can also twax your joints and blunts with sticky concentrates stress free! The high temperature mat can also handle hot dabs effortlessly.

Its large 28cm by 20cm surface covers your rolling and dabbing spot nicely. You will love the full color print of Albert Einstein studying a bud in his hand. Einstein simplified Physics, this mat simplifies your stoning moments.

Smooth and non stick surface that is easy to clean. Lightweight and portable yet tough and durable. Heat resistant surface for dabbing. Be inspired by Albert Einstein’s portrait and physics printed in full color.

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Type : High Temperature Mat
Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Pink, Purple
Size : 11in x 8in / 28cm x 20cm
Design : Einstein
Material : Silicone