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4.5in / 11cm
How about a super cool sculptured tree frog hand pipe to keep you company during your next hit? Nature and animal lovers will appreciate the creativity. The Tree Frog Hand Pipe will light up your face or those you love as the perfect gift.

This 4.5inch hand pipe is the ideal size for on-the-go smoking. We consider it one of the coolest frog hand pipes in our collection. Its smooth finish and small size will get it snug and safe between your fingers.

Place the Green Frog right between the bowl and the lips, so you always have a view of it every time you take a hit. Go ahead and add this unique and exciting pipe to your collection now!

Exciting and artistic sculptured frog. Compact size and Smooth finish.

$11.61 $12.90 (10% off)
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Color : Brown, Green
Design : Frog
Material : Polyresin
Length : 4.5in / 11cm