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3in / 7cm
Wooden Bat With Glass Bowl
Wooden Bat With Glass Bowl
This wooden bat with a glass bowl allows you to own a sleek and elegant wood taster bat. Never get intimidated by rolling the perfect joint and tap into the benefits of the glass bowl’s ability to offer a great, smooth and powerful hit every time.

Made of quality wood and top-notch borosilicate glass and measures 7cm/3inches, you can purchase one, several, or an entire pack of the Uber Wood One Hitters. On the wooden side, you can find the Uber Logo engraving, which adds to the appeal and class of the two-tone hitter.

Elegant walnut body, top-quality borosilicate glass bowl & Uber logo engraving.


  • 1 One-Hitter
  • Box of 8 One-Hitters

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Brand : Uber
Color : Brown, Clear
Material : Glass, Wood
Length : 3in / 7cm