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8.5in / 21.5cm
This simplistic yet functional percolator bong is what you need to achieve those quality draws without breaking the bank. Let's face it. With its percolator designed in the base for maximum diffusion, this bong boasts of a giraffe long neck that is bent to allow zero backsplash and easy draws. Users of this bong crave for its powerful and flavourful hits that it offers. The highly durable borosilicate glass is an icing on this bong’s premium design you don't wanna miss. 

Classy golden yellow design | Made from durable borosilicate glass | Circ Perc in base for optimal diffusion | Cooled, filtered, flavour filled and powerful hits very time |Easy to clean.

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Color : Yellow
Height : 8.5in / 21cm
Perc Type : Circ Perc
Joint Size : 14mm
Joint Type : Female
Bowl Type : Male 14mm
Material : Glass