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Regenerate your lost Yocan Evolve Plus, and the Yocan Regen wax vapes moments with the YOCAN REGEN COIL CAP. Made from metal, these coil caps boast better heat retention than any other material. You get a more concentrated hit with an enriched flavour and pure taste. What is even more, you will have an effortless time cleaning your atomizer thanks to its no spit back design. How about not worrying about boiling wax concentrates burning your lips? Be safe and grab this YOCAN REGEN COIL CAP today. And if you are a large cloud lover, the two holes fitted on its surface will let in enough air into the atomizer chamber for those huge draws.

More concentrated cloud. Much thicker flavor and purest taste. Less time to clean the whole atomizer. Better Heat Retention. No spit backs. Two holes for optimal airflow.

$1.71 $1.90 (10% off)
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Type : Coil Cap
Brand : Yocan
Color : Gray
Material : Metal