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4.25in x 4.25in
Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass
Durability, portability, functionality… This 420 Gold Tempered Glass Ashtray has it all. Donning the luxe full colour 420 GOLD theme, it features a durable tempered glass frame that is proven to take on any clumsy drops. A lightweight design and a scratch resistant and stain free finish make it the ashtray for the road. As it is made from glass, rust will never bother you when camping outside for days. Super cool, right? The raised design is also perfect for keeping your rolls in place.

Luxe full colour 420 GOLD theme. Shatter resistant tempered glass frame. Lightweight design. Stain free finish. Scratch resistant and stain free finish. Rust resistant material.

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Color : Gold, White
Design : 420
Diameter : 4.25 inch
Material : Glass