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Identify and photograph your garden pests in high resolution!

The Alfred Phone Microscope allows you to convert your cell phone camera into a microscope. Its compact and convenient design attaches quickly and easily to your phone for on-the-spot viewing. It is especially recommended for gardening and plant health examinations such as pest and disease assessments. Once problem is located, simply snap a picture with your phone and save for future reference, record keeping, additional research or sharing.

Features :
• 60x magnification for diagnosing pest or disease problems 
• Works for any task that requires a clear, close-up view such as pest detection 
• Adjustable LED light angle 
• A UV LED light that works well for photosensitive plants 
• An impact resistant case for those inevitable drops 
• Possibility to take amazing and detailed photographs of close up 
• Compact, and ultra-light weight

Includes :
• USB charging cable
• Phone magnifier with clip
• Cloth pouch
• User manual

$12.97 $19.90 (35% off)
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Type : Microscope
Brand : ALFRED
Color : Black, White
Size : 2.36" L x 2.56" W x 0.87" H
Material : Plastic