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Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass
Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass
Travel to wonderland with a lighter, sizeable and stylish rolling tray and enjoy great smokes like never before. This Alice Mushroom Glass Tray keeps your storing organized and tidy. It also looks good with you whenever you take it out when your buddies visit. The durable tempered glass build has a smooth and non-stick finish so you never have to tediously scrub every time you get concentrates on board. Kill the boring rolling tray graphics with this full color Alice mushroom print.

Strong and durable glass builds. Smooth and non stick finish for easy cleaning. Full color Alie mushroom print.


  • SMALL - 6.5in x 5in / 16cm x 13cm
  • MEDIUM - 10in x 6.5in / 25cm x 16cm

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Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Multicolor
Design : Alice Mushroom & Friends
Size : Medium, Small
Material : Glass