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5.5 inch Diameter
Straight outta Wonderland, this Alice Mushroom Metal Ashtray is your perfect choice if you are looking for one that is super durable yet lightweight. Featuring a metal build, this stray is bound to live through clumsiness of any kind. The full colour print surface is more than being easy to clean. It is made to last, thanks to scratch resistant design. If you’re planning on a wonder journey, this tray eases your packing and convenience with the 5.5 inch diameter. The four notches come in handy for stopping your rolls making a way out of the tray.

Durable yet lightweight. Full colour print. Travel friendly. Four notch design.

$4.97 $5.90 (16% off)
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Color : Multicolor
Design : Alice
Diameter : 5.5 inch
Material : Metal