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4.5in / 11cm
This hand pipe packs the best hits courtesy of its masterfully crafted design. You will love its artistic carving of an alien face overloaded with tricolor rasta themed predator dreadlocks. The polyresin build preserves your flavours while offering maximum durability. At just 4.5 inches (11cm), this is the hand pipe to carry with you wherever and whenever you need a good smoke to power you through the day. The design is straightforward and as easy as ABC. Novices will have a field day getting potent bingers. Why not you?

Masterfully crafted design | polyresin build for maximum durability | straightforward and as easy | Alien overload rasta theme | Portable.

$11.61 $12.90 (10% off)
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Color : Brown, Rasta
Design : Alien
Material : Polyresin
Length : 4.5in / 11cm