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4 parts
4 parts
No more grind, just effortless grinding leading to memorable times making and hitting the perfect rolls. This Black Leaf Rasta Grinder gives you a solid aluminum frame holding seamlessly arranged ultra sharp teeth for a smooth grinding session. The fours part grinder forms three chambers for grinding and storing your flower while collecting quality pollen. It is the perfect travel companion thanks to a lightweight build and a 40mm diameter that carries enough for a day’s sesh.

Effortless grinding with the diamond shaped ultra sharp teeth. 3 chamber grinder with multipurpose functionality. Threaded bottom parts keep your ground flower secure. Durable aluminum frame. Adequate carrying capacity in the 40mm diameter. Black leaf rasta print in full color.

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Color : Black, Rasta
Design : Leaf
Diameter : 40mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Aluminum