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Fills 76 Cones at a Time
For 1 1/4 Sized Cones
Buddies Are The Best When It Comes To Anything Wooden. This Time They Aced This Octagonal Bump Box ¼. The box is aesthetic on the outside and features a fully functional design. It's smooth and luxurious finish is great for the looks but also protects the treated wood solid enough to last for years. It is the simplest way to pack, store or move up to 76 cones, just spray and pack each cone in its designated slot. This is your portable treasure box.

Aesthetic on the outside | Fully functional design | Smooth and luxurious finish | Durable quality wood

$101.43 $144.90 (30% off)
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Type : Cone Filler
Brand : Buddies
Size : 1 ¼
Material : Wood