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Fills 76 Cones at a Time
For 98 Special Sized Cones
King size cones too big to finish? What about 1 ¼s? Too tiny for a quality toke? Then get this medium Buddies Bamboo Bump Box 98 size cump box and enjoy seamless and fast cone fillings. Holding up to 76 cones at a time, buddies made this bump box lightweight and portable. Shaped like a cone, it comes with a straightforward design that any amateur stoner will have a field day packing some quality pre rolls. The wooden cone filler is handcrafted for great looks, practicality and durability.

Enjoy seamless and fast cone fillings | | Straightforward design | Handcrafted for great looks, practicality and durability.

$134.97 $164.90 (18% off)
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Type : Cone Filler
Brand : Buddies
Size : 98mm
Material : Wood
Capacity : 76