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Fills 34 Cones at a Time
Never has packing your pre rolls been this easy. Save time, energy and flower with this Buddies Cone Filler ¼. The cone size is the classical 1 ¼ to accommodate most pre-rolls. With a quality foam finish its looks and feel are nothing short of luxurious. A user friendly design means packing your cones is easy peasy. With 34 slots in place to hold your cones upright, this is the box to be unleashed in a bash or for a business. The jewel on the crown, the bump box doesn't get you breaking the bank to get one.

Classical 1 ¼ cone size to accommodate most pre-rolls | quality foam finish | 34 slots for fast packing | straightforward to use

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Type : Cone Filler
Brand : Buddies
Size : 1 ¼
Material : Foam