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Magnetic Tray Cover
We can land here! Get mission ready by turning your rolling tray into storage and covering your pre-rolls, rolling paper, dry herb and lighters using this Call of Duty inspired mag slaps. This magnetic rolling tray lid snugs nicely on your tray tightly securing its contents until you undo it. Fit for on the go stiners, the Call of Doobie mag slaps are what you need to put your sesh away from prying eyes. However, when you take it out, you will certainly turn every gamer’s neck.

Tightly secure your rolling tray with the magnetic rolling tray lid. Gamers will love this COD inspired full color print. Add privacy to your on the go stoning moments.


  • SMALL - 7in x 5.5in / 18cm x 14cm
  • MEDIUM – 10.5in x 6in / 26cm x 15cm

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Type : Magnetic, Tray Cover
Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Multicolor
Design : Call of Doobie, Call of Duty
Size : Medium, Small
Material : Metal