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5.5 inch Diameter
Claim your place on cloud nine with this Cloud 9 Chameleon Metal Ashtray. With a lightweight and extremely durable metal design, this ashtray takes you from sesh to sesh creating equally lasting memories. The best stoners know the pros of an ashtray and this 5.5 inch packs all the perks better like none other. Its lightweight build is perfect for when you are on the move. The full colour print design of a drooling chameleon will certainly break necks when you get it out in front of your buddies.

5.5 inch diameter size. Easy to clean smooth finish. Lightweight and portable build. Full colour print.

$4.97 $5.90 (16% off)
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Color : Multicolor
Design : Cameleon
Diameter : 5.5 inch
Material : Metal