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4 parts
4 parts
The design on this Color Collection Grinder is as simple as it gets, right from the theme. Choose from three plain colors complemented with a silver band in the middle chamber. The four part grinder features a multipurpose function so you can store the ground flower while collecting fine kief at the same time. The aluminum build is sturdy and long lasting. A trip that starts with this 52mm grinder filled to the brim ends with great memories. Yes, the Color Collection Grinder is incredibly lightweight and can fit in your bag stealthily.

Effortless grinding with the diamond shaped ultra sharp teeth. 3 chamber grinder with multipurpose functionality. Threaded bottom parts keep your ground flower secure. Durable aluminum frame. Adequate carrying capacity in the 52mm diameter.


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black

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Type : Pollinator
Color : Black, Blue, Red
Diameter : 52mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Aluminum