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4 parts
4 parts
There is the pirate of the caribbean and then there is our treasured Copper Skull Pirate Grinder. Fitted with diamond shaped teeth with everlasting sharpness, this grinder gets the job done in a seamless and effortless manner.

A collectible for gothic enthusiasts, this four part 52mm grinder embraces a strong and sturdy metallic frame that is an inch perfect balance between durability and portable. With this grinder, you get a multifunctional design that allows you storage space for ground buds complete with a fine sieve for kief collection into a separate chamber.

Strong and durable metallic frame. Sharp edged teeth shaped like diamonds for easy grinding. Grind and store your buds as you collect the finest kiefe ever. Portable and lightweight design.

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Type : Pollinator
Color : Brown
Design : Skull
Diameter : 52mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Metal