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4.5in / 11cm
Dragons exist in folklore, but our force looking dragon head hand pipe breathes fire into your smoke session. This red-eyed green monster patches on a well tanned and cured 4.5 inch stem that is ready to take your smoking experience to the next level.

Simply fill up the chamber with your favourite herbs and lit it; sit back and enjoy the high as you reminisce on all the good times with your stoner friends or alone-however you like it.

The hand pipe is curved with mastery and precision to create an exceptional piece of art. The quality is top notch and built to last long. Invoke primordial power in your smoke with this Dragon Head Hand Pipe today!

Love dragons? Well-tanned finish for a super cool look. Perfectly cured to last long. An exceptional piece of art.

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Color : Brown, Green
Design : Dragon
Material : Polyresin
Length : 4.5in / 11cm