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4.5in / 11cm
The eagle is so real that you can easily mistaken it to be alive eagle. That's what you get when you buy this hand pipe. With an easy to hold yet compact and portable size, this pipe delivers amazing draws effortlessly. It features an easy to clean design that is also stainless and free from blockage. The bowl can pack enough for a quality sesh without frequent refills. And the heat retaining properties of its polyresin build are what you would love for the perfect hand pipe.

Hand crafted crafted for detail quality | polyresin build for maximum durability | straightforward and as easy | Artistic eagle theme | Portable and compact 4.5 inch size.

$11.61 $12.90 (10% off)
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Color : Brown, Yellow
Design : Eagle
Material : Polyresin
Length : 4.5in / 11cm