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5.5in / 14cm
We can see you enjoy your dab sesh like never before with this Eye Glass Dabber. Now see what you are missing out without it. The eye is decorative in equal measure with its functionality. You get a solid grip of this dab stick unlike a standard one. Standing at 14cm (5.5 inches) this Eye Glass Dabber protects your fingers from heat. The borosilicate glass adds an extra layer to your heat protection and is impressively durable.

Eye designed grip | 5.5 inch (14cm) of maximum heat protection | Pointed tip for effortless handling sticky dabs and concentrates | Long lasting toughened borosilicate glass | Easy to clean smoothened and stain free finish.

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Type : Dabber
Color : Blue, Orange
Design : Eye
Length : 5.5in / 14cm
Material : Glass