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Shatter Resistant Tempered Glass
This small and medium-sized shatter resistant tempered glass rolling tray is for game heads like you. Make those inch perfect rolls with this Game Head Glass Tray. Featuring a smooth and non stick finish, the rolling tray makes rolling effortless and cleaning even easier. Thanks to its durable glass frame, its durability complements the lightweight design making it a match for an outdoor sesh. The full colour game boy console print adds the spark in your sesh.

Small and medium-sized.  Shatter resistant tempered glass for durability. Lightweight design. Smooth and non stick finish.

$14.92 $19.90 (25% off)

  • Medium - 10in x 6.5in / 25cm x 16cm

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Brand : V Syndicate
Color : Blue
Design : Game Head
Size : Medium, Small
Material : Glass