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4 parts

You will be amazed by the multipurpose design given to this luxe looking Gold & Silver Leaf Rasta Grinder. With four parts that form three chambers, grind your flower as it collects in the middle chamber that sieves the ground flower for pollen into a bottom chamber. The 40mm diameter grinder features an easy to clean design thanks to its stainless silver and gold finish. The chambers are threaded to seal your flower and with a tight closing lid on top, it doubles as your storage for ground flowers whenever you hit the road. Get this grinder and get the perfect texture in less than a minute’s grind.

Gold & Silver Leaf Rasta | Multipurpose design four parts that form three chambers | Threaded chambers with secure lid.


  • Gold
  • Silver

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Type : Pollinator
Color : Gold, Gray
Design : Leaf
Diameter : 40mm
Parts : 4 parts
Material : Metal