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Do you think everything is better in gold? Well, we think so too! Bring some swag to your smoking habits! This golden kit offers a luxury experience without compromising your green budget. Puff, Puff, Bling, it's a brand new thing, therefore indulge in this kit and enjoy tokes on this gorgeous Benjamins glass bong. Busy hustling, always on the go? Carry the twisty glass blunt everywhere you go for a quick hit. In a rich shiny gold, the grinder, rolling machine and rolling tray of this kit will make you feel like royalty! One life to live, enjoy it! Leaf your life like it's golden!


  • Real G Bong (WS2003-LL1)
  • Gold Leaf Rasta Grinder 50mm (HX-117W-1MY-DY)
  • Royal Court Tray 10.5in X 6in
  • Twisty Glass Blunt
  • Gold Brick Plastic Rolling Machine (TN1-1004A)
  • Raw-pre-rolled-tips (21 tips)

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