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25 Absorbent Microbead Cloths
HEMPER Tech Alcohol Freshwipes are disposable cloths treated with a proprietary cleaning agent to remove any buildup on virtually any surface! Freshwipes have one scrubby side and one smooth side for polishing to get the tough spots and the final touches. Simply pull one from the re-sealable tub and scrub away grime and germs. Keeping your glass clean doesn't just make your session taste better, it's good for ya health! Contains Isopropyl Alcohol Close Lid after each use to retain moisture These wipes are perfect for cleaning bongs, bowls, vaporizers, cartridges, hands, dab tools, sneakers and so much more. You will be amazed at all of the practical uses you discover for these wipes overtime! 

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  • Tub of 25 Freshwipes
  • 5 Tubs of 25 Freshwipes
  • 12 Tub Display Box

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Type : Alcohol Wipes
Brand : Hemper
Capacity : 25 wipes
Material : Textile
Quantity : 12 Per Boxes